Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Storm Sewer Installation

DiMeo Bros. Construction has successfully completed all water main installation onsite. Though a few water services do remain to be completed, as well as two final connections to existing water main, work on water main is largely complete. Storm sewer installation has resumed starting at the intersection of Pleasant Lane and East Ridgewood Lane. Construction of storm sewer and drainage structures will continue for the next several weeks. As DiMeo Bros. Construction works down the street they will be removing asphalt pavement as they go. Due to the nature of the work being completed, road closures are necessary and will be posted as such.

Friday, June 12, 2009

Work continues on the water main installation, but it is nearing completion. Once the water main has been completely installed, one contractor crew will work on completing the water service installations, while another crew resumes work on the storm sewer. Storm sewer was installed on Balmoral, Kenilworth and Ridgewood East up to Pleasant. The crew will start at the intersection of Ridgewood East and Pleasant and continue laying main line.

Tuesday, June 9, 2009


NICOR Gas will have a crew on site within the next week. NICOR will have to relocate parts of their gas mains that are in the way of the new storm sewer. Although the work NICOR does is necessary for the completion of this project, they do not work for the Village, and any questions, comments, or complaints should be referred to their office. You can contact their customer service department at: 1 888 Nicor4u (1 888 642-6748).

Storm Sewer Installation

With the water main work winding down, the contractor will begin focusing on completing the storm sewer installation.

Each house will receive an inlet in the front yard, within Right Of Way, to be connected the storm sewer. Residents will be receiving a stake, painted green, with a note of instructions for the location of drainage structures along the parkway. Drainage structures are typically placed in an area in the parkway that is low and holds water, so that these areas will drain properly. Connections can then be made by homeowners to drain other areas of the property, or connect sump pumps

Current Activity

The stone has been placed for asphalt paving on Balmoral and Kenilworth. The first layer of asphalt will be completed this week.

Water main is now installed on Ridgewood East. It has been pressure tested and service installation on that road will begin this week. Services have been completed along the south end of Ridgewood West and Pleasant. All that remains for water main installation is along the north end of Ridgewood West, Glen Oak Drive and Linden Lane.

The contractor will continue to work on water main, with the plan to have all water main and service lines installed by mid next week. Once that is complete, work will continue on the storm sewer, which has been installed up to Pleasant and Ridgewood East.