Friday, May 8, 2009

Construction Update

Water Main Installation

Water main installation has continued on Ridgewood Lane West, south from Pleasant. The new water main will connect to the existing water main at Wildwood. Once the connection is made, the crew will start installing water main along Pleasant.

Construction along Kenilworth

The crew that is working on Kenilworth is doing a couple different things right now. Storm sewer installation is almost complete on Balmoral (just need to do a connection at the intersection of Kenilworth), and continues on Kenilworth. The water main shut down that happened yesterday, May 7th, was done because the water main connection on Kenilworth has to go under the storm sewer. So the crew made the connection, placed a little bit of water main, and turned the water back on. They will continue on water main installation. From Kenilworth, they will proceed north on Ridgewood Lane East.